Coach Code of Conduct

I Will...

  1. Prioritize the emotional and physical well-being of players over your personal desire to win.
  2. Treat each player as an individual and remember that children of the same age vary in emotional and physical development. 
  3. Provide a safe playing environment for all players.
  4. Lead by example and demonstrate fair play and sportsmanship to all players.
  5. Remember that I am a youth sports coach and the game is for children and not adults.
  6. Not abuse other players, coaches, officials or parents. 
  7. Encourage team members to treat all players, coaches, officials and parents with respect.
  8. Not engage in the use of profanity or other offensive language. 
  9. Promote and foster a team atmosphere and not individual achievements.
  10. Be responsible for league policies.

Coaches for Varsity Flag are required to adhere to the principles of positive coaching. Coaches will be a model of good sportsmanship and positive behavior for all children in the community.

To ensure an appropriate atmosphere for all participants, Varsity Flag has adopted a zero-tolerance policy in the enforcement of the Coaches Code of Conduct.

Disciplinary action for violations may include

  • Verbal warning
  • Written warning
  • Coach suspension for games(s)
  • Coach suspension for the season
  • Coach expulsion from the league