Coach with us

Positive and enthusiastic volunteers are needed to coach with Varsity Flag. No prior coaching experience is necessary.

Coaching a youth sports team can be a tremendously rewarding experience. It provides you with the opportunity to help young players learn athletic and personal skills in a fun and safe environment. Additionally, the bond created by a parent/guardian coaching their child is one that will be cherished and remembered for years to come.

During registration you will be asked if you would like to volunteer as a coach. If you select you do want to be a coach, you will be asked for more information.


  • Place an emphasis on sportsmanship, fair play and full participation

  • Provide a safe and fun learning environment for the players

  • Learn and follow all league rules, policies and procedures

  • Prioritize the feelings of the players ahead of the coach’s desire to win

  • Communicate with parents as needed

  • Learn and follow all league rules, policies and procedures

Qualities of a Successful Coach

  • Enthusiasm, organization and dependability

  • Has a working knowledge of the sport

  • Promotes an environment of positivity 

  • Patience, especially with players

  • Good sportsmanship

  • Allows the kids to be the center of attention during the game