Parent Huddle

Parent Huddle

We understand the demands of being a parent of a young athlete. We structure our program to support not only the athletes, but their parents, too.

As THE premium flag football league on Long Island, we provide:

  • Better Gameplay (with fair competition)

  • Better Fields (played at the beautiful Hofstra University)

  • Better Player Experience (teachable moments)

  • Better Safety (AEDs and trained staff onsite)

  • Better Referees (experienced - and 2 per game for 8U+)

  • Better Customer Service (text, call, email - we answer!)

  • Better Communication (proactive & thoughtful)

  • Better Scheduling (fixed and released before week 1)

  • Better Jerseys (beautiful & premium)

a excited proud mother cheering on her kid at a game outside.

We highly encourage parents to become involved to support their youth athletes and families.  Sign up here to coach!

Parent Code of Conduct


  1. Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support at all times for all teams.
  2. Be on time and have my child attend every practice and game that they can; and notify the coach when they cannot attend.
  3. Remember that the game is for the children and not the adults. 
  4. Teach my child that doing one’s best is more important than winning.
  5. Stay on the sideline during practices and games at least 3 feet from the lines/cones. Fans are not permitted on the field for ANY reason.
  6. Respect the officials and their authority during games. Fans cannot yell at or harass officials, coaches, referees, or players.
  7. Treat all other fans and parents with respect and kindness. Fans cannot have negative interactions on the sidelines.
  8. Not coach my child or other players during games.
  9. Be responsible for the behavior of any guests I bring to games.
  10. Note that alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  11. Note that physical misconduct is strictly prohibited and will result in automatic expulsion/ban from the league.

To ensure an appropriate atmosphere for all participants, Varsity Flag has adopted a zero-tolerance policy in the enforcement of the Parent’s Code of Conduct.

Disciplinary action for violations may include:

  1. Verbal warning (first warning only)
  2. Ejection from the field
  3. Suspension for game(s)
  4. Suspension for season
  5. Parental removal/ban from all league activities
  6. Permanent Ban of parent and child.

Please Note: In the case of physical misconduct, appeals will not be considered at the time of the infraction.