Parent Code of Conduct

I Will..

  1. Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support at all times.
  2. Be on time and have my child attend every practice and game that they can; and notify the coach when they cannot attend.
  3. Remember that the game is for children and not adults. 
  4. Teach my child that doing one’s best is more important than winning.
  5. Stay on the sideline during practices and games. At least 6 feet away from the cones.
  6. Respect the officials and their authority during games.
  7. Not confront coaches at any time during games.
  8. Not confront the referees at any time.
  9. Treat all people on the field, including Varsity Flag referees and staff, with kindness and respect.
  10. Refrain from coaching my child or other players during games.
  11. Be responsible for the behavior of any guests I bring to games.
  12. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  13. Physical midsconduct is strictly prohibited and will result in automatic expulsion from the league.

To ensure an appropriate atmosphere for all participants, Varsity Flag has adopted a zero-tolerance policy in the enforcement of the Parent’s Code of Conduct.

Disciplinary action for violations may include

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Written warning
  3. Parental suspension for game(s)
  4. Parental suspension for season
  5. Parental removal from all league activities
  6. Permanent Ban